Welcome to the Castle of Epenoux

The Castle of Epenoux with its outbuildings and small chapel was built in the 18th century and is situated 4,5 km in the north of Vesoul in the heart of Haute-Saône (Franche-Comté).
With its age-old trees, the park covering an area of 5 hectares is inviting for strolls and outdoor activities.


During the colder months, you can sit in comfort in front of a crackling fire in the lounge – listening to music, reading a book.


The castle perfectly combines the elegance of times past with modern comfort.
Away from the more frequented areas, the region offers numerous possibilities for sports and cultural activities. Discover the charm of Haute-Saône and let us spoil you in the Château.

The Park

On 5,6 hectares you find one hundred years old trees of all kinds and specially the hanging beech, who is, as the castle, 235 years old. There are ways and alleys, a 19th century belvedere, but also recent inventions as the running wood-wall of 40m on 1,6m which divides the flower- and fruit-garden from the park. Or the branche-wall to the roadside which protects the bathing guests from the cars driving by.


In summer, you can spend the whole day at the pool which has been installed in the very middle of the park, in order to visualize the «articulation» between his two parts: the cultivated and the wild part.
You can also read a book in one of the secret corners, under a old lime-tree, until the time has come to have a picnic or a apéritif on the terrace behind the castle.


Also in winter, the park paints fabulous pictures of hoarfrost, snow, fog and enchanted paths.

The Swimming-Pool

Our swimming-pool is 4,8m on 10,5m. It is integrated in a big wooden terrace, in the prairie and the borders of the park.
In the bath house, you will find all the accommodations for relaxing at the waterside: refrigerator, toilet, deck-chairs and hot shower.

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